Creating solutions for the nicely named “Enterprise Content Management” world out there.

Some years in development experience (started with Z80/Sinclair programming, going through C/C++, on *nix/Win, OOP, web, etc.), some in architecture, some in management.

Some in custom solutions…. Some for creating new products….

Some achievements… Some fallbacks… More on the good side, although

Now focused on ECM for some time… Certified on various things, too keep the knowledge running: EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet,  SharePoint.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m interested in your PhD work…my interest is in where you are studying, was it an established program, etc.? I have been doing ECM for nearly 10 years now and have been contemplating a PhD, but I can’t find a program with the right ECM flair. Care to share your thoughts, experiences, etc.?

  2. Nice to hear that Scott.
    I started my PhD 7 years ago at Politechnic University. It’s title is Structural Synthetis of High Performance Databases. Started my work close to relational database performance (used TPC tests long before they gotso popular 🙂 ) but got interested in the field of unstructured content. I’m looking at CM systems from the perspective that they are a special flavour of database systems (a mixture of relational, object oriented and other specific demands).
    I’ll contact you by email to discuss more.

  3. Nice blog Lopataru, i enjoyed reading it.

    I also have the same issue as Scott i.e., i can’t find the right program that has an ECM flair plus can be done via distance learning (I am based out of India and work full time).

  4. Hi Lotaru,

    Your Documentum Mobile reviews are very helpful.

    Thank you.

    I manage to get it load but I still couldn’t get the thumbnail display.

    Care to give some guidance?

    • Hi,

      I’m not sure if you are talking about thumbnails (icons related to documents) or the actual content preview.
      In order to see the icons you need the “thumbnail server” product installed and configuredfor that docbase. This is a sepparate product and installation kit then the mobile server.
      In order to see the content you need CTS (content transformation server). Which is also another (and more complex) piece of software from EMC.

      • Hi Lopataru,

        Thank you for your reply. I can access repository from iPad but not manage to view the content although I had installed thumbnail server and cts.

        And I do not know how to test run whether my thumbnail server and cts is working properly.

        Do you mind give some screenshot or guidance on the setup importance point?

        my email jarodfong@gmail.com

        thank you again. really appreciate.

  5. Hey-

    Great blog. Read some of the old posts. Had the exact same question as Scott. I once planned research in the field of ECM, but was not sure where to start. Almost enrolled into a few degrees on Cognitive Science, Information Management etc, but realised that it could be better just to wait.

    Could you share any information on the research you are doing? Have you come across any universities giving specialisation on ECM related technologies like Knowledge Mining? My email is vishnutp at gmail dot com.



    • Well,
      Thank you for the appreciation. I plan to share some more technical insights following my reasearch (which is now being applied in a commercial product, yey!)… but time is limited.

      Much of the research I did was my own, experimenting and following what was then hidded gems of information on the web. The university programme was only a great umbrella hosting this activity. As it was in Romania, it might be less appealing than a US based one.

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