EMC Momentum 2012 – Day 2 – the launch

Documentum 7, Captiva 7, Syncplicity, Document Sciences, Kazeon, xCP 2.0, D2 4.0 …

And a poor baby surrounded by social media freaks:


The baby was in the keynote, as a method of explaining the emergence of big data. Frankly, I would very much encourage EMC to find more inspirational speakers, especially for keynotes. Rick is surely a guy who has its priorities straight and most probably tries to get the organization execute on the vision… but a keynote must energize the audience. Today it was a calm and serious discussion. Good for a activity review… not so good for raising excitement for the “largest product launch in IIG history”.

That aside… here are my top picks:

Documentum 7:

– Search is a core focus and receives a lot of new features.Thesaurus… etc. This is a great thing. Search needs to be a centerpiece of the platform, not just a feature.

– Do more for less: a lot of performance enhancements touted for session management, memory management (for concurrent users…). Charts show flat line scalability until 400 concurrent users and even beyond. Truly impressive, let’s hope this did not affent the robustness of the platform (ugh! can’t even think of it)

Captiva 7:

– improved UI. Smiled a bit when Rick mentioned they studied the motion of the eye of operators to see which are the hot areas of the UI. Glad to see EMC entering in 2010 🙂 (yes, this kind of usability tests are common for meny years already now).

– intelligent capture (auto-learning in production… etc). Nice idea. I’m a bit cautious to see how this can be truly understood by many customers and used


– the newcomer, it somehow reminds me of the box.net partnership touted a few years ago. Sure, this is an EMC internal product now… And there are some good scenarios to use it. Integration with xCP 2.0 would be a good thing (is on the short term roadmap)

xCP 2.0 and D2 4.0

– I put these 2 together because with the xCP moving from “process/task centered UI” to an “any UI type” paradigm and with D2 being so configurable and extendable with widgets… the line between them is a bit blurry. Both are now in a major transition phase. D2 4.0 does not do all of which 3.1 does, but aims higher. Also, xCP 2.0 is much much better than 1.x as a vision, but needs a lot of execution (and time) to mature.

By the way, Webtop si here to stay. Because it is actually a very valuable piece fo software with a lot of investment in the installed base.

Ah… eRoom was mentioned also. That ol’ bastard just won’t die 🙂

Noticed another thing: Documentum Administrator will be rewritten. Makes sense, since Webtop/WDK is fading out.

There is a lot of efferverscence in Vienna right now… When this cools down, I’m not very sure which is the direction followed by EMC for the UI.A double play (xCP 2 and D2) can be potentially confusing for both partners and customers…

I’ve also seen a lot of things about EMC Solutions. EMC is really building A LOT of solutions of its own. In Life Sciences, in Engineering (the famous EPFM) but also in Healthcare and horizontal stuff like generic archiving. Hmmm… 

See you tomorrow!


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