EMC Momentum 2012 – first day – preparing the launch

Today we kicked off at Momentum Vienna organizing the company booth. But enought about that… Let’s get to the quick facts.

The strategy of EMC is still on track. At least the part with going into the services based model of the solution delivery.

This is actually the biggest challenge IIG faces for the next year(s), and a lot of partners and customers are looking to EMC for more news and execution on it.

On the technical side, this week showcases the launch of several key products supporting the said strategy. More about this tomorrow, as EMC presents it officially. Expect Documentum 7 to come p with a set of features around mlti-tennancy and service based delivery, Captiva 7 with nicer UI and more intelligence within, D2 4.0 looks good and Syncplicity is raising a lot of interesting opportunities. And don’t forget xCP 2.0.

On the financial side, the road is a bit blurry as the whole IIG sales organization needs to move from the “license – one off” model to the “as a service subscription” sales model and compensation. And a lot of traction is targeted at vertical solutions which will be promoted by EMC itself.
I think this is a much challenging thing to do, besides getting the technology right and integrated.

Todays talks between EMC and partners were very well balanced. A lot of effort was spent until now, there is sign of rebounce for the IIG general performance, but there is also a lot more to do. Execution and focus is now key and I got the feeling that everybody knows and feels this.

Tomorrow is public speech and product launch day.

Let’s see the Documentum 7 powerhorse pulling IIG to a new era.


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