EMC Momentum 2012 – some technical bits

Today it was a day to dive into more technical details on the new D7 platform and mingle with other partners.

I attended 2 absolutely great sessions: Rohit Ghai “Transformation: In Action” keynote and the always great one done by Jeroen on Documentum Architecture. I missed the performance session of Ed Bueche… there is so many you can fit in a tight schedule.

Yesterday I was quite disappointed on the “monotoneous” tone of Rick starting keynote. Today, Rohit delivered a completely different show. Very good topics presented in a vivid atmosphere and rhetoric.

The talk nicely presented through clear examples the links from business challenges to the technology. Also, demo’s were done and showcased key integrations between EMC IIG’s new products. 

If you care about Enterprise Content Management (not only of EMC), look at the keynote recording here.

From Jeroen’s session there are so many things to take… here’s a high level list:

D7 and beyond : performance. massive improvements on the session and related memory management. Really matters. I think it’s a reason to plan for an upgrade in itself. NGIS is developed in parallel (more below).

xPlore 1.3: many updates, too technical for a high level list here. It is a key component of D7. New features for content processing as well as for manageability (command line tools etc). Has it’s own release cycle.

REST: the new API to use for the platform. All components will be exposed through REST. XML, Json, AtomPub… My take on this: DFS and DFC are on the way out. The session included a live “demo” on navigating with REST (json) alongside with create/search objects. Pagination included. Impressive and very very useful. Supports resource mobility (HTTP redirects) – nice! Look out for names.emc.com

Line of Sight – monitoring your virtual deployment of Documentum 7 though the usage of common tools existing in the vmWare product portfolio. Useful for OnDemand and similar deployments.

D2 and xCP: the usual stuff… (there is anough about these already written). One interesting thing: D2 is the client NGIS is currently being tested with, it seems to be the first client to work with NGIS (not xCP).

Captiva 7 – automatic classification and information extraction. Very good progress here, really the major thing about C7 (alongside the new UI).

EMC Migration Appliance – a consulting project aimed to move quickly data between old style repositories and repositories used through D2/xCP… Obviously doesn’t move the UI customizations (wg from Webtop).

Syncplicity – a generic connector (Server Synch Agent) between DMS and Syncplicity. Generic, because it can be extended for other repositories/systems.

NGIS – Finally, some info! Work is being done very actively (as I understood). multi-tennancy, base cost per object almost 0, no downtime on upgrading, add servers on the fly, no single point of failure, advanced smart containers, no SQL database (my addition, not on the slide), advanced RBAC and ACL’s side by side base don XACML, ditributed query execution…. and many many more (I have a picture, but my BB can’t upload it… sorry)

CMIS – not on the slides. but I went out and asked about it. Jeroen gave a politically correct answer. It’s clear that since CMIS does not have too much traction in the ECM space… this is not a high priority. It’s a vicious circle. Would have been very nice to see it 1:1 with the REST revolution….

For a very detailed conference live report… look at #mmtm12 on Twitter. Sevral people are doing a great job live tweeting everything.

EMC Momentum 2012 – Day 2 – the launch

Documentum 7, Captiva 7, Syncplicity, Document Sciences, Kazeon, xCP 2.0, D2 4.0 …

And a poor baby surrounded by social media freaks:


The baby was in the keynote, as a method of explaining the emergence of big data. Frankly, I would very much encourage EMC to find more inspirational speakers, especially for keynotes. Rick is surely a guy who has its priorities straight and most probably tries to get the organization execute on the vision… but a keynote must energize the audience. Today it was a calm and serious discussion. Good for a activity review… not so good for raising excitement for the “largest product launch in IIG history”.

That aside… here are my top picks:

Documentum 7:

– Search is a core focus and receives a lot of new features.Thesaurus… etc. This is a great thing. Search needs to be a centerpiece of the platform, not just a feature.

– Do more for less: a lot of performance enhancements touted for session management, memory management (for concurrent users…). Charts show flat line scalability until 400 concurrent users and even beyond. Truly impressive, let’s hope this did not affent the robustness of the platform (ugh! can’t even think of it)

Captiva 7:

– improved UI. Smiled a bit when Rick mentioned they studied the motion of the eye of operators to see which are the hot areas of the UI. Glad to see EMC entering in 2010 🙂 (yes, this kind of usability tests are common for meny years already now).

– intelligent capture (auto-learning in production… etc). Nice idea. I’m a bit cautious to see how this can be truly understood by many customers and used


– the newcomer, it somehow reminds me of the box.net partnership touted a few years ago. Sure, this is an EMC internal product now… And there are some good scenarios to use it. Integration with xCP 2.0 would be a good thing (is on the short term roadmap)

xCP 2.0 and D2 4.0

– I put these 2 together because with the xCP moving from “process/task centered UI” to an “any UI type” paradigm and with D2 being so configurable and extendable with widgets… the line between them is a bit blurry. Both are now in a major transition phase. D2 4.0 does not do all of which 3.1 does, but aims higher. Also, xCP 2.0 is much much better than 1.x as a vision, but needs a lot of execution (and time) to mature.

By the way, Webtop si here to stay. Because it is actually a very valuable piece fo software with a lot of investment in the installed base.

Ah… eRoom was mentioned also. That ol’ bastard just won’t die 🙂

Noticed another thing: Documentum Administrator will be rewritten. Makes sense, since Webtop/WDK is fading out.

There is a lot of efferverscence in Vienna right now… When this cools down, I’m not very sure which is the direction followed by EMC for the UI.A double play (xCP 2 and D2) can be potentially confusing for both partners and customers…

I’ve also seen a lot of things about EMC Solutions. EMC is really building A LOT of solutions of its own. In Life Sciences, in Engineering (the famous EPFM) but also in Healthcare and horizontal stuff like generic archiving. Hmmm… 

See you tomorrow!

EMC Momentum 2012 – first day – preparing the launch

Today we kicked off at Momentum Vienna organizing the company booth. But enought about that… Let’s get to the quick facts.

The strategy of EMC is still on track. At least the part with going into the services based model of the solution delivery.

This is actually the biggest challenge IIG faces for the next year(s), and a lot of partners and customers are looking to EMC for more news and execution on it.

On the technical side, this week showcases the launch of several key products supporting the said strategy. More about this tomorrow, as EMC presents it officially. Expect Documentum 7 to come p with a set of features around mlti-tennancy and service based delivery, Captiva 7 with nicer UI and more intelligence within, D2 4.0 looks good and Syncplicity is raising a lot of interesting opportunities. And don’t forget xCP 2.0.

On the financial side, the road is a bit blurry as the whole IIG sales organization needs to move from the “license – one off” model to the “as a service subscription” sales model and compensation. And a lot of traction is targeted at vertical solutions which will be promoted by EMC itself.
I think this is a much challenging thing to do, besides getting the technology right and integrated.

Todays talks between EMC and partners were very well balanced. A lot of effort was spent until now, there is sign of rebounce for the IIG general performance, but there is also a lot more to do. Execution and focus is now key and I got the feeling that everybody knows and feels this.

Tomorrow is public speech and product launch day.

Let’s see the Documentum 7 powerhorse pulling IIG to a new era.