Just a tool

“…abolish the ECM, CRM, BPM, email and the new E20 silos” by Max when discussing this.

That’s  what triggered this post.

In the last few days I was day dreaming about what’s to be done next. What stuff should we create to help our customers (to make some more money, actually). So I thought why our customers don’t use ECM and BPM and Collaboration as much as we would want them to. Because that’s why they don’t buy it – they don’t use it so much. Sure, there are some solutions which are actually skyrocketing in usage… but those are just about 20% of the pack in my world.

What am I using each day? Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Visio. Webex and Connect sometimes. WordPress ocasionally. Chrome and Internet Explorer, a file manager. No “solution”.

My colleagues? + Eclipse, Visual Studio, small applications

My other colleagues? Very few some use the ERP/Financial software. Some CRM, but just at minimal. An incident tracking system…. A contract management solution (cool!:)) .. a workflow solution for holiday requests.. And that’s pretty much it.

So.. only 2 solutions on ECM and BPM. The rest is quite ok handled by SharePoint as a tool.

Bingo! Evrika!

“As a tool”

Just a tool, damn it! This is what I need. I need a tool to help me. To know what I’m trying to do and make it easier. Like document editors, like email clients, like sharepoint. Sure, you can write code in MS Word/SharePoint/Lotus/… but why bother? It’s good enough for the 80% of us as it is.

Let’s build a tool!

People need a tool for case management, a tool for collaboration or a tool for both. A tool we can use as we please, when we want and how we want it.

The tool should know about “the cloud”. Or be the cloud, or whatever does the trick. The cloud is a resource the tool can help me use it.

A tool is something simple to understand. Although it might also be complex, but simple on the surface. It can be a swiss army thingie. Or just a plain screwdriver. That’s why (maybe) iPhone/Pad apps have so much success. They are tools. Convenient to use, straight to the point, available, purchaseable (is this a word?).

Give me the tool! Let’s make the tool! I’ll go make the tool!


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