EMC has a new CTO for IIG

Damn, that title is full of acronyms.

Ok, so Victor left EMC (from the Chief Architect position) and Jeetu Patel comes as a CTO to “drive the group’s product vision and innovation, growth strategy and cloud computing initiatives”.

I must admit, I did not hear about Mr. Patel until now so I was curious to see who was brought into the IIG area. Luckily enough the new CTO  has a blog one can read and try to understand the vision and inspiration he brings with him into EMC.

First of all, let me wish him good luck with the new position and I surely hope it gives ECM software a fresh and strong push into the right direction. Given the fact that software was for some time now acting as the Cinderella of the corporation, I surely hope a strong external person can make the necessary difference. Of course, the new ideas need to find resonating support inside the organization…

Thanks to LinkedIn I can see that for the past 16 years or so JP (sorry for shortening it, no disrespect intended) led Doculabs with significant experience in the consulting area of the business. Also, being a member of various ECM related groups (IBM, SaaS, AIIM), I’m gusessing there is some knowledge of multiple solutions in this space. Which is very good.

I would like to make a list of things to suggest to the CTO of IIG. I know it sounds childish but I really care about having outstanding ECM products out there. And EMC is one of the companies I’m looking at to deliver this and as much as the CEO is important, I’m always taking sides  with a good tech guy.

That’s why I’ll make it short. Not a list, just one topic:

Please don’t turn the platform into Taskspace. There is really much more to it.


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