Whould Microsoft buy Documentum?

Crazy thought… but….

Let’s look at it. Are there reasons to buy the Documentum piece from EMC?

Microsoft puts a lot of effort into making SharePoint enteprise grade. And they are succesfull at it. Do then need Documentum? If it’s cheap enough, they could look at it as suddenly getting a whole lot of enterprise installations, from a different area of use-cases they usually do with SharePoint.

Are there reasons not to? Of course. Microsoft is anyway not easy at buying large.

Is/Could be D for sale at EMC? Hard to say. I could only speculate that the current sales don’t look too good and the current strategy is a risky bet: big wins if all goes well but also might mean the gutter if it goes wrong. Looking at it, it might be that in 2011 EMC could say… “Hey… What’s this ¬†over here who sucks a lot of money? Shouldn’t we have a garage sale?”

Are there signs for this? I surely saw (or wanted to see) some hints popping up in the last 2 years. And one recent one made me write this post. As a reminder to myself to not make predictions which can’t happen :).

Seriously, if you were Steve, would you get toghether with Joe and ask about that DMS thing he has? I might.

Me, being in a company which evolved similary as EMC (on a much smaller scale, relax :)) I fully understand the desire to get together under 1 roof (now I’m just being sentimental). Growing from a company who sold only some Symmetrix thingie, to a company pushing into the information management domain… is a great accomplishment. And a huge promise to customers and employees altoghether. And quite a rewarding objective if you are in the management seat. But you need to act on it correctly. And if you can’t, you should gracefully exit and focus on what you can do best.

Let’s see what 2011 brings, I have the feeling that the old “D” won’t be in the same status in 18 months.