Reality check – solutions for business

Here I was in a meeting with my business development and sales staff. I was there talking about our products and repeatable offerings (this is a new name for something which is not a custom solution but still not yet a off the shelf product) and trying to understand why some of them don’t see much traction.

It turns out that we need to address more the business area, not the IT buyer. And in some places the IT budget is scarce. More on this in another post.

Anyway… we set the strategy… all was in order and we moved to the next topic: “ECM market update”

And there we informed the guys who didn’t already know: “Look, EMC is focusing on Case Management instead of the much broader ECM concept”. The reaction from sales?….. “GREAT! THAT’S EXCELLENT NEWS”

This was a cold shower to us, the old ECM guys. The sales in our organization are somehow disconnected from technology, they are trying only to solve business problems.. They see great opportunities in working with the customers within the “case management” use case. At least this was the gut feeling, no actual leads popping up as we spoke.

It seems the Case Management talk is appealing very well in the business solutions space. And money is there. Go and follow them, leave nothing on the table.

In related news, IBM is also focusing on Case Management. At least this was the conveyed message a few days ago in a partner conference. They seem to have a better and more adequately formulated strategy than EMC but… let’s see the execution from both.

So, even if some of us haven’t been doing only Case Management until now (as Mark Lewis so unfortunately put it) it seems we should do it in the near future more and more.


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