Certified System Architect

For a long time now I wanted to take the Content Management System Architecture exam from EMC. Never got the time.

Until last week when my colleagues said they need someone with that on their CV alongside some other mojo stuff.

I thought:  how hard can it be? I have over 5 years of experience with it.

First of all, let’s take the online practice exam. Surprise, surprise: failed. Looser! I guess it’s time to do some reading… The nice thing about the assessment is that it points the weak spots.

After some reading of the various administrative guides and training materials, I went to face the dragon. I did not take the online assessment again, just jumped right in.

Passed with flying colors.

Which is good. Good is also that I discovered areas of the Documentum I had not deeply explored before . Who uses Privileged DFC anyway?


2 thoughts on “Certified System Architect

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t had the time, or cajones, to take any Architecture exams yet. Trying to balance benefit versus sleep.

    What would your top suggestion be for people wanting to take the exam without taking the corresponding class? Also, would you say that you needed specific OS or database knowledge? (Would a SQL Server person have issues with Oracle specific questions and vice-versa?)


  2. Thanks, I needed a push to take the exam anyway. And set a very short milestone (“in 3 days”) to be sure I do it and not postpone it again.

    As on suggestions, I would advise someone to look at:
    – LDAP stuff. Config, failover, federations… this areas
    – HA and DR configurations, backup considerations
    – Migration use cases
    – Distributed configurations

    The rest of answers you can easily get from practice (eg. sizing strategies, security settings).

    I got only one question which required some Oracle knowledge so I guess you don’t really need to know database specific stuff. Keyword for the Oracle question: LOAD_BALANCING

    Anyway, for me it seemed that the actual test questions were easier that the free online assesment on the MyLearn EMC website. Or probably this was due to me actually studying the night before 🙂

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