Certified System Architect

For a long time now I wanted to take the Content Management System Architecture exam from EMC. Never got the time.

Until last week when my colleagues said they need someone with that on their CV alongside some other mojo stuff.

I thought:  how hard can it be? I have over 5 years of experience with it.

First of all, let’s take the online practice exam. Surprise, surprise: failed. Looser! I guess it’s time to do some reading… The nice thing about the assessment is that it points the weak spots.

After some reading of the various administrative guides and training materials, I went to face the dragon. I did not take the online assessment again, just jumped right in.

Passed with flying colors.

Which is good. Good is also that I discovered areas of the Documentum I had not deeply explored before . Who uses Privileged DFC anyway?

PhD almost here

A long, long time ago, (in a galaxy far, far away?)… I started my PhD in Computer Science.

Now it seems the final step is near, I just talked with my professor and we kicked off the arrangements for the public presentation. The internal university presentation was in September, last year.

I’m writing this post just to mark another milestone. And where better to place it than online… because the web never forgets. Like a giant records management system with permanent retention… almost.
This way I’m almost sure that when I will try to remember when this happened I will always be able to look it up on the net :). Isn’t it interesting?

On my computer I don’t have files older than several years… but my yahoo account is older than my first paycheck. And I never deleted any non-spam email in that account.

Of course, yahoo or wordpress can go away at any time… they made no guarantees to me but here I am trusting them with my valuable letters. It’s like using SharePoint for my ECM: not adequate but convenient…. and it sure gets the thing done.

One of my obsessions come to mind now: What’s the percentage of records management software (not necessarily certified) which does not need a major migration during their records retention timespan? I can hardly see more than 1% of current software installations surviving a 10+ year time, not to talk about 30 or 40 years. We were using floppy disks 15 years ago…

Anyway, I’ll better present the PhD while it still has some value in it. I am already thinking of rewriting it the third time.

Happy Content Management!

Get the things done and try not to worry to much of the future, we are all doomed anyway.. aren’t we? :)))