Looking back in 2009

When 2009 started we had the usual project line-up.

One particular project emerged in a nice CEVA solution on top of Documentum for technical documentation management. The most special thing about this project was that we encountered not no many technical challenges but many project management ones. We had our fair share of problems, but the customer PM was one of those persons who are afraid of taking any decision and this toghether pushed the end of the project to near the end of 2009. Anyway, the result is a very very nice application on top of Content Server, including a very nice own developed Silverlight image viewer to display huge drawings over a limited network. Lessons learned? Many!

The next project which comes to mind is one which had the official kickoff just before Christmas 2008: a BPM project for the biggest bank here. a project to manage all documents, regulations and other stuff which need management board approvals. the challenge, as stated in the RfP: “implementation time: 1 month”. Lol. Tried to educate the customer and brought that to about June. This was the full Documentum BPM suite to be customized a lot and then implemented. We know from the beginning that even June is optimistic. 1 week ago was the last go live. Err… there is some more tinkering to do but… almost done. Lessons learned: never customize Taskspace.

The rest of Documentum projects were in the regular key. One had a particular innovation when we needed to integrate Documentum with another external store device, not Centera. Built the connector, works like a charm. Now the connector is also certified as designed for Documentum. Yey!

Sharepoint wasn’t the bing bang we thought it will be. Small projects, rushed, etc. I guess the customers are no yet understanding the fact that if you want SP to play in a way which is not out of the box you need to pay through the nose for the development effort. Not to mention that in many cases you need to trade off future upgrades to needed functionality.

And i finally saw the first big FileNet project. DMS, worfklow, capture.. one nice piece of requirements. Integration with the customer ERP.. etc. I must say that the default client of FileNet (Workspace) looks much better than Documentum’s Webtop. And behaves nicer. What i don’t get is the internal data model representation. Looks awful to me, i need to see how it behaves for large impementations (may objects, different schemas).

We also embraced Adobe LiveCycle and Connect. The next projects to come in 2010.

The economic downturn affected us quite a bit – especially the cashflow, not the project pipeline. But we managed to hire new people and not reduce paychecks.

We also launched a great Data Center, one of the best in the country. SaaS, Cloud stuff… the works.

So, 2009 was overall ok. Technically very demanding and opening new prospects for 2010.

See ya!


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