Future of Content Management – another blog post

Why is everybody (eg: one, two, three, four (old), five (older)… me too) talking these days (and past) about the future of xCM? 🙂 Because we might feel disappointed with the current having and need to look to a positive future?

I felt the urge to reply to the recent posts in my reach but I thought I’ll write here instead.

Everybody is right. (that was easy.. heh)

But… Lee touched a very important phenomenom.

xCM needs to be simple and beautifully executed in order to succeed. We aim to make it omnipresent/universal/almighty.

This can be achieved only if it’s simple (to us). Like google search was. Like email. Like web. Like databases. And beautifully executed. Like google, like email, like web, like databases.

We need to work very hard to do this. And we need to have a lucky idea which will take little time to do and then get picked up by millions of followers (twitted lately?). This is my dream.


Educate people. Research new ways.  Invent. Enforce excellency. Leave back the failures.
Get to work (this was for myself 🙂 )


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