Oracle aims at SQL Server

In a surprising move (if you’ve seen this coming then you deserve a lot of respect) Oracle announced the acquisition of Sun. Or, more specific.. Sun agrees to be acquired by Oracle.

While this has been all over the news in the last 24 hours, one thing struck me (and some others): Oracle now owns MySQL which is a direct competitor (and I can elaborate on this a lot) to…. queue in drums… Microsoft’s prized possession, SQL Server.

So, now Oracle competes directly with Microsoft SQL Server on all fronts (high end and low end). While on high end there is usual not much to compete with… Adding MySQL to the offering will now give a lot of leverage to Oracle, as mrs. Katz implied in the aquisition comment.

If Oracle plays its cards well, there will be rough times for Microsoft. And others.

If i have to rate this acquisition, it would be almost a 10. No other top 10 IT aquisitions in the last years come to mind to approach this rating. This one points to so many directions I cannot count :).


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