Documentum 6.5 ramblings, or something

I just noticed that another month passed by without me writing anything here.

Obviously because I’m busy… same (lame) excuse. Not really. Of course the job is always demanding, but getting 30 minutes a day to ramble about something can’t be that hard.

So I pulled myself and logged back here. Let’s talk about my recent Documentum experiences.

At this stage we are undergoing some D 6.5 implementations. SP1, just to be sure.
I’m not involved technically first hand, and the last time I got my hands on it was about 4-5 months ago. This is to settle expectations straight… you’re not about to see any technical revelations here.

First thing: “shit! is different!” the whole install process I mean. Where’s my DocApp? No more docapps, use the “.dar”. Learn Eclipse… headless.. that is. The Eclipse, not me. Not yet.

Ok, basic stuff works. TaskSpace… almost ok. Let’s move to the Imaging Services… Brr… Strike 1… Strike 2… Use Webtop.
I promise myself I’ll get back on this. Never did. And now my colleagues suffer the same things. Poor them.

But it moves faster. Lot faster. Then I increased the RAM available to the virtual machine. Shouldn’t have done that.
Note to self: don’t increase the memory for virtual machines upon the exhaustion of the host memory. Swapping is bad..

Business Process Manager now. Done. All ok. BP Services? Not yet. Later.

Oooo… BAM. I mean Business Activity Monitor. I feel like Dee-Dee in the laboratory. Same effect.
Rollback to VM snapshot.

At this point I think: there must be an easy way.

Then I read in the installation manual: “rename the XXX file to YYY file and then run setup.exe” (names were changed to protect the innocent). As a last line on the page. Why the %^&*() do I need to rename a file which is provided in the installation kit? Oh well.. this why we are payed the good bucks..  can only imagine how SAP looks like.Oh, stop, I know that also… tough job.

Wanna try Annotation Services? With 6.5 ? Sure…. bring it on. It worked! That brought the spirit up. For a moment.

Today it does not work anymore. Looking for some LiveCycle piece? Good luck!

Great. Now what? Laugh hysterically and get back on it.
You know, Oracle installation kits are free on the Internet. You know why? Because it takes a skilled person to install it properly. Go figure.

Why am I telling you this? Because next week when all the puzzle pieces will be nicely put toghether I can look here with my colleagues and laugh.

And since you read it all the way up to here: let’s build a HA environment toghether. And put some Document Sciences on it to spice it up.


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