PhD paper done. Phew!

Finally, after a long time i have now a complete version of my PhD thesis.

I would like to ellaborate more on this, but after spending 4 days in a mountain cottage secluded in front of my laptop… i simply can’t.

Now i just need to publish some articles and present my creation to the public. Behold πŸ™‚

Kickoff 2009

Just entered 2009 and making new year resolutions? I hope I’m past that moment πŸ™‚ since i just read somewhere that such decisions are bad for your health.

What will 2009 mean for Content Management? Nothing special, I guess.. But i think the whole IT industry is going to pass through some good times. In the last few years i’ve seen some decay in the overall industry practices. A lot of marketing and little substance. Everybody wanted to be ahead of the competitor, to show (keyword: “show”) it’s the best… blah blah blah..

I expect 2009 to be an year in which the industry is forced to mature itself.. maybe because of the so much mediatized financial crisis :). Thinking of it, this crisis reminds me of Share Point. lol

In the CM field we will probably see a lot of talk around “compliance” solutions.

A lot of talk around increased efficiency (everyone will want that, won’t they?).

The major ECM vendors (IBM, EMC, Oracle, MS) will try to grow their direct consulting practice to snatch a bigger part of the pie (not only licenses).

A lot of focus will go to open source (it’s “cheap”, isn’t it?).

Outsourcing will get more consolidated to major players. I see many small single-client outsourcing companies slowly dying. Which will bring more qualified personnel to the market. Please, do come in! πŸ™‚

Cutting costs? Only the non-productive ones probably. Who is smart should invest in R&D at these times. And collect on its existing knowhow.

Low budgets from customets? Eh.. what’s new ? it was always this way. Maybe they say it a little moreΒ  these days, but we should get used to smaller budgets until we can provide really good quality (nobody argues about price when buys a Bentley or Ferrari).

So, what’s in for 2009? Nothing special, just aim to be better.

Happy New Year!