Momentum 2008 – Closing notes

It ended today.

Generally I think it was a very good event. About 1300 persons attended and it was a good mix of customers / partners / EMC.

As I sit in the hotel room right now I try to think if there are any highlights still alive in my mind… please don’t mind the somehow incoherent ramblings below… heck.. it’s just a blog.

One rather small dissapointment was the fact that CMIS did not get too much coverage. Except some mentions done especially by Andrew Chapman (and maybe Mark Lewis… I can’t remember) I’ve not noticed anything special. Pity.

On the upnote, i did not encounter the SharePoint word as much as in other events / presentations. I guess the hype has somehow settled and now everyone is minding their own business in the usual way.

Very nice evening events… One at the Castle, one at the Municipal House. I love Europe :). And especially Prague as a matter of fact. No.. i don’t live in Prague…

Some very interesting presentations from Ed Bueche on the performance side of things. Batching… scoping and high volume server…

I’m not yet clear on what to do with all the SP-DCTM integration opportunities i have on my table. The EMC products on this side are promising.. but the roadmap… hmmm… The partner offering is really only from one company (from the exibitors list). The rest are just plain simple (as I would build it in a few weeks).

As I am on this topic, mind this: UCF .NET 🙂

I’ve seen also a lot of talk around Captiva Dispatcher. Nice, useful module for high volume paper processing. Still somethings missing there, but oh well.. you can’t have it all. Or can you?

If I would be to give a prize to the thing which raised my eyebrows the most: I just loved the eye-candy: it’s a very nicely done UI. Yes, i know… i’m shallow.

See you next year, after we manage to make a buck or two (euro in my case) in the current financial downturn.


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