Momentum 2008 – First days

These days I am in Prague and attending the EMC Momentum.

It’s the first time for me at Momentum although i have been attending the US World shows in the past years.

I planned to write a review after each day (today is the 3rd one) but the combination of Staropramen and customers filled up all my evenings.

When i go to such events i’m always traing to get a feeling of the “vibe” and vision coming from the speakers. I’m usually searching for the hints to define the long term stategy. In the recent past i attended the IBM show and obviously i’m comparing this one to it.

I don’t know if it’s the financial crisis or something in the air… but the vibe was not here. Don’t get me wrong, the vision is fine. All the guys & galz presenting were saying very sensible things and in a professional way. I just missed the enthuziasm.

What’s the vision? The usual: go from data to information and knowledge. I don’t particulary like the name “Knowledge Worker” but if this is the new marketing buzz.. then why not.

The highlights:

– high volume server – really good for high volume ingestion. Yes, everyone talked about ingestion only. What to do after you get it in? Nobody knows. i think this should be addressed to. I can’t imagine doing a faceted search on billion of objects :). Hm… let’s put CenterStage on top of HA Server ….

– XML Store – this is a big thing. I don’t want to act as a future teller (although we’ll have a futurologist here at Momentum) but i think this will be the next default storage space of Documentum. I’ve shared this thought with Michiel Veen in the second day and it seems is not just an idea. I’ll keep an eye on it.

– SaaS – Not just a hype, in the keynote this was addressed in a very good way from my point of view. I plan a sepparate post on this

– CenterStage – definitely the star of the show. This is the new client for Documentum. Webtop / WDK lived its life and now it’s the time to give way to the more Apple-like UI. Obviously this will take tremeduous effort from the community since there are a lot of solution built on WDK which will need to be redone in an entirely new web way. I think this is good – i’m not a very fond person on the “backward compatibility” idea in UI.

– Victor Spivak – the architect of the house. As usual, the best technical presentation in the house. It was a shame that the presentation was stopped before finish. The whole packed room would have wanted to see more (and Victor was eager to tell it all) but the lady in the back keep insisted to close the session (dunno way, just to make the scheduled time i guess)

– Elephant in the Room – i was in the SP Advisory Forum (hi Robin!) and got into some interesting discussions on the integration topic. Robin has it covered in its post and i think it makes a very good description of the session. I was pretty vocal on the need to really reuse the SP content once it arrives in Documentum since i really believe customers don’t care what system “owns” the content and they just want to work with it from the application of choice. More on this in another post.

now i’m on my way to the Sponsor Track. See ya!


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