Practical scalability in CMS

Couldn’t resist in posting this…

One colleague came to me today and described a problem (and a resolution):

SharePoint. over 6 million documents inside. a “few” GB in size. what to do?

The problem was, the client needed to move this content volume from one installation to another. The dump&load tools which is from Microsoft seems to take each content item and shove it to the dump. With probably a lot of overhead in each get next, fetch, load, save, close… Sometimes crashing… eh.. that’s life

What to do? Get the content out of SharePoint ! Now, please. (awating flames on this…)

Round 2:

SharePoint. Gimme a “count” of all items in a document library… “Out of Memory”. whtf?!

Why? The CMS (lol) fetches each item and “counts” it. Like using your fingers to count. 

What to do? Beats me.. Ask some moooore money to improve it through development? Lol

Rant done. Flame away!


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