Clouds, virtualization and other hip stuff going kaboom

After reading the news the other day, i had an idea to put a blog entry but never got to.

Today I saw a post on bmoc and I began writing a comment on it. Was too long, so i evolved it to a blog post:

The recent mediatized cloud crash of Linkup and also the massive VMWare bug comes to prove that “innovative” IT technologies come with an inherent risk of their own.
Both had somewhat straighforward solutions (some of the many):

1. just have a decent backup solution.

2. don’t use license management in enterprise class software.

But technology cannot solve all on its own. You need other enforcement which works in real life. Like Marko showed with the US Postal Service sample.

It so happens that the company I’m in provides also some sort of “cloud” services. I’m not going to say we’re better than others, but one thing i know we have is insurance and this is included in one to one contracts with all cloud customers (each contract is tailor made, not just an “accept terms and conditions” web check box).

Of course, in case of a disaster no one can provide the lost data (if it’s really lost meaning no backup exists).
Therefore, I think that anyone which does not complete it’s IT infrastructure with additional material procedures likes to live on the edge.
On a last minute info, i have just learned that one of our customers was running its servers on a RAID array which was since several months in “destroy” mode since all spare and redundant hdd’s were dead and no one noticed. Comes to prove the point.
If i were to be sadic, i would say “no problem, more money for us.. we’ll just charge a hefty sum to rebuild its infrastructure”. But the problem is it never should have happened in some persons would have acted more professional and think outside the technology for a minute.


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