ECM shopping spree

2008, Jan: Microsoft buys FAST, Oracle buys BEA, Oracle buys Captovation. And January still has some days left.. who’s next?

2007 marked a long list of consolidations in the ECM market (and connex areas) , seems like 2008 is no different

As a digression from ECM… today I entered the Oracle page for products and services. Funny thing: before listing their products they provide an almost bigger list of “Aquired products”. Lol.

I cannot help but noticing the fact that Oracle wants to move aggressively in the ECM space. Buying Stellent last year, now acquiring a tightly integrated document capture software. In combination with the database technology and application server / portal which they own… this comes toghether as a powerful combination. Not to mention killing BEA (yes, for me it seems in this way).

Who’s next? Will SAP buy OpenText (they already resell it since 2007)? Will HP buy it? šŸ˜‰


One thought on “ECM shopping spree

  1. Note to self:
    Oracle is usually not killing competitor products which it acquires. There is good history behind which shows that multiple overlapping products can be sold succesfully by Oracle. One example is on the content management area where Content Database and Unified Content Manager are positioned as to be sold toghether.
    Obviously, on the long run it does not make sense to keep overlapping producs. It’s just a waste of money.
    Probably Oracle will try to move the key persons from one product to another for building a better offering.

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