PhD in content management solutions

I’ve been building my PhD research for a while (7 years almost) and now I’m close to the finish line.

I seems like a good idea to start an present some topics here in order to get possibly some feedback. It might not be the best place to discuss a PhD thesis content, but.. why not?

First of all, the topic is roughly designing a new content management system which will add some fresh air to this area.

My ECMs in 2007

Yeah.. it’s been quite  while since this blog was created. I guess the Christmas cheer finnaly got to me and I’m back here.

Its been a busy period (lol, when isn’t?) but several things drove me to write. 2007 was an unclear year in terms of ECM landscape.

I’m working with many leading ECM vendors and I provide solutions (through my team) on EMC Documentum, IBM Content Manager and Sharepoint. Therefore, i’ve been waiting anxiosly to see the new D6 (Documentum 6) release. Also, I was extremely curious to see how FileNet will “work” alongside Content Manager and Lotus in the IBM (strato)spheres.

A lot of hype, but no breath-taking progress…. I guess is in the “Wow” factor (Vista, anyone?) which I anticipated to see on at least one vendor. “Wow” which missed.

D6? Far away from the “ECM 2.0” current marketing trend. Nice inside and core improvements. Remains still the best ECM infrastructure from the Leaders (Magic) Quadrant but… On the beneficiarry (not to say user) side of the story is a release hard to buy in. Come on.. even if  i’m a tech CIO/CEO the sales guys will have a hard time to convince me to get D6 instead of a cheaper alternative. PS: why do you kill eRoom?

IBM? This huge mammoth sometimes does it right (especially in low profile research) but on the ECM side it actually has an impressible low arguments. 3 sales people will go to an ECM prospect customer, each trying to sell a different product. That’s no good for long term business. FileNet aquisition brough some fresh air and a really nice product portfolio (i would not say integrated ECM platform). Content Manager just got also a fresh face (just released a few days ago). Lotus is always the primary marketing subject. Confused already?

Microsoft? Yeah… The software bully enteres the ECM market strong. I personally admire Microsoft. Is one of the best major software producers today. Regardless of what a lot may say about their quality and strategy, I have a lot of experience with software from major vendors…. Microsoft is doing a great job (note to MS: please fire the Project Server team)! On the ECM side… Sharepoint (MOSS, actually). It’s nice. It’s good. And useless for Enterprise level. It’s internal architecture is absolutely too different from the “normal” ECM approach. This may be a too revolutionary step which I don’t understand or the MS guys are really weird. We’ll definetely see a lot of MOSS implementations in the near future (a lot of in-house work) but it really needs another ECM infrastructure. I have already a lot of big customers crying to me for help since their MOSS implementation (home grown) went horribly wrong.

Alfresco? 🙂 Did you saw this coming here? I will keep an eye on them. If they grow up and mature, then… who knows… Could be the Google of ECM?